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Online CPA Services 

Are you ready to take your business and taxes to the next level? Look no further!!

Bakke CPA uses the latest advancements in tax and client management software, everything from electronic signatures to PDF photo conversions of tax documents. That's right, if it's not convenient to upload or drop off tax documents, just snap a photo with your phone. It's instantly converted to a PDF and uploaded to our system. Not only is the cloud trusted and used by numerous reputable businesses, including most well-known banks, but cloud-based services are also easy to use. Many new cloud applications are made to be more user-friendly and more efficient than older, outdated accounting software.

Bakke CPA is a paperless office and your tax return and personal information are stored securely on our cloud based server using multi-factor authentication with a physical backup, which allows easy access with the highest level of protection and security.

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